Big Bundle

Keep play exciting with our variety of tail attachments! Different lengths and styles enable Mousr to accommodate your cat’s personality and keep play fresh. Which will be your cat’s favorite?

Bounce Tail -  This long springy tail is for the bug swatter that’s attracted to wild, jerky movements or knocking things out of the air. This is also our best tail for stationary games!

Flick Tail - The medium length string on our Flick Tail is perfect for confident cats who love to chase mice. Great for high energy play!

Chase Tail - Chase Tails feature a long string that makes snakey movements across the floor. Chase Tails are ideal for more timid cats that prefer a little distance when playing.

*BEST VALUE* The Big Bundle includes all 10 of our tails:

  • 1 Feather Bounce Tail
  • 1 Fur Bounce Tail
  • 1 Catnip Bounce Tail
  • 1 Spring Bounce Tail
  • 1 Feather Flick Tail
  • 1 Fur Flick Tail
  • 1 Catnip Flick Tail
  • 1 Feather Chase Tail
  • 1 Fur Chase Tail
  • 1 Catnip Chase Tail

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